Table of Contents

Back to OverviewJury Selection in Civil and Criminal Trials
2nd Edition

By Ann Fagan Ginger

(supplemented May 2018)

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Volume I

Volume II

Volume I

Part I. Trying Cases to Juries in the United States

1. The Judicial System Is Based on Jury Trials
2. Jury Trials Are Based on Jury Selection Methods
3. Basic Cases and Source Materials    

Part II. Getting Started

4. Analyzing the Facts and Forum
5. Conducting Surveys and Constructing Juror Profiles    

Part III. Seeking a Jury of Peers

6. Challenging the Jury Lists
7. Motions for Change of Venue or Dismissal    

Part IV. Preparing for Voir Dire

8. Establishing Jury Selection Procedure
9. Basic Questions
10. Questions in Civil Cases
11. Questions in Criminal Cases    

Volume II

Part V. Preparing for Trial

12. Using Juror Questionnaires
13. Investigating the Jury Panel
14. Approaches to Jury Selection    

Part VI. Conducting the Voir Dire – Examples

15. Extensive/Intensive Questioning
16. Civil Cases: Preparing for Challenges
17. Criminal Cases: Preparing for Challenges    

Part VII. Selecting Trial Jurors – Theory and Practice

18. The Sociology of Jury Selection
19. Exercising Peremptory Challenges
20. Attacking Peremptory Challenges    

Part VIII. Relying on Voir Dire Answers

21. Opening and Closing Arguments
22. Seeking the Community Conscience