Recovery of Damages for Bad Faith

5th Edition

By John C. McCarthy

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Recovery of Damages for Bad Faith brings you summaries and analyses of every state and federal insurance bad faith decision to date and features how-to-do-it practice coverage of methods and strategies used by top specialists to thwart defenses and maximize awards. Both direct coverage and excess liability cases are covered in depth.

  • explains how to recover compensatory and punitive damages in both first-party and third-party insurance actions
  • organizes, sets forth, and analyzes relevant cases and statutes in every jurisdiction
  • details effective methods for evaluating and investigating bad faith cases
  • provides step-by-step guidance in preparing and managing a successful action to recover damages
  • shows how to prove – and how NOT to prove – bad faith
  • gives accepted methods and techniques for calculating compensatory and punitive damages
  • includes current supplement

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