Winning with Expert Witnesses in Commercial Litigation

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An invaluable, up-to-the-minute reference that explains and illustrates how to establish the proper foundation for your expert’s testimony, how to conduct the most effective direct examination, how to limit your adversary’s direct examination, and how to prepare for and conduct hard-hitting cross-examination. And, if you’re the expert, you’ll find the resources in this book indispensable in protecting your work during the discovery phase and in preparing for trial.

Features include:

  • an analysis of both successful and unsuccessful direct and cross-examination, demonstrating how to identify and exploit potential courtroom opportunities
  • sophisticated, how-to-do-it guidance on preparing, presenting, and defending against expert witness testimony
  • detailed direction on how to qualify an expert witness, dealing with conflicts of interest, abuse of discretion, and Daubert challenges
  • an exhaustive compilation of almost 1500 cases from every jurisdiction (federal and state) that provides easy access to on-point expert witness cases that you need to consider, summarized and analyzed for quick review and fast comprehension

View the Table of Contents »

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